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Everyone loves flowers and gifts. By presenting your sweetheart such a small thing as a bouquet for little money you persuade her in your unique male charm. Imagine her pleasure when she sees your gift that she has not even expected. Your relatives, colleagues and friends will also appreciate your attention that you materialize in flowers or gifts and change their relations with you to warmer and more benevolent ones.
Amaze your Ukrainian friends by sending them flowers or other special gifts through our service. We work in most cities of Ukraine. Look at the list of gifts you can order through us. We offer refined beautiful bouquets, extraordinary long Dutch roses, candies and cakes as sweet as your sweetheart. Our flowers are chosen from the best Ukrainian greenhouses and composed by the best specialists and therefore always fresh and elegant. Search for a bouquet or a gift that you think your addressee will like in our online catalogue and order it immediately. We guarantee a prompt next day delivery.
Moreover we can take a photo of delivery moment in Kiev so you will see your friends' emotional reaction and their thankful attitude towards you. At your request we can also add a message card to your bouquet or gift in order to please your friend with the words she or he wants to hear. We always make a prior call to an addressee to make sure that he or she is at home waiting for a surprise from attentive friend.

Price: $76

Classic Roses
Price: $78

Silk Heart
Price: $37

Sea Wave
Price: $24

Master and Margarita
Price: $168

Price: $23

Romantic Expectation
Price: $55

Camomile Style
Price: $54

Price: $25

Price: $102

Sun City
Price: $85

Oil Lamp - Summer Fruit Fragrance
Price: $72

A lion
Price: $61

Mixed Balloons
Price: $51

Price: $52

A lassie dog
Price: $32

Price: $64

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